Arbortech Carving Tools from Chronos

The most competitive online shop for Arbortech Carving and Woodworking Tools. Many regular Chronos customers have model engineering projects take years to complete; woodcarving using Arbortech power tools could be a rewarding diversion with the power carving tools taking just hours to create beautiful pieces.

You can buy the Arbortech Power Chisel which has a high power 750W electric motor for easy timber removal in the hardest woods. The Arbortech PRO-4 Kit includes the Arbortech blade and Pro-Guard and fits onto most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders and removes large amounts of wood quickly and effectively when carving or sculpting. The Arbortech Mini Carver is smaller version of the famous Arbortech Pro blade is much appreciated by professional carvers. You can also see some carving projects using the Arbortech range.

The Arbortech Woodworking range of products was first developed in 1988 for woodworkers to sculpt and shape wood in any direction. The first product developed called the “Woodcarver” blade, fitted to a small 4″ or 100mm angle grinder caused a major breakthrough for woodworkers by giving an increase in productivity without the limiting restraints of only working with square edges. This creative aspect of working with Arbortech wood shaping tools has allowed a new dimension in woodworking to flourish.

The British Woodcarvers Association has some great information including how to get started with simple carving projects. Chronos will start to feature and list woodcarving clubs and would welcome any suggestions. We would also like to post project plans to share in our forthcoming woodworking and woodcarving forum.