Veritas Woodworking Project Plans – Chairs

Veritas Folding Adirondack Plus Chair Plan The popular Adirondack chairs are large, making indoor storage difficult and transport nearly impossible. No longer; Veritas offer plans for a folding Adirondack chair. Designed with all the same features that make the fixed chair so comfortable, this one folds to only 300mm deep. When folded, it may be hung on a wall or stacked with others.

Folding the chair is as simple as lifting the seat back upward out of two pockets and closing the chair flat. Because fully threaded bolts at the pivot points would cause premature wear in the wood, Veritas offer a stainless steel hardware pack consisting of six custom-made bolts with matching locking nuts and flat washers.

The bolts are manufactured with the ideal combination of head style, material and thread length for use with this plan.

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