This all-in-one polishing kit is to help remove scratches from various Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal objects and polish hard metals such as steel, iron and stainless steel. Very handy to polish up garden tools, golf clubs and many other applications returning their shine and making them feel like new.
Included in this kit are three separate buffing wheels , each with a different firmness to allow you to get the best result possible, along with the buffing wheels you receive three different types of polishing compound to go specifically with the different buffingpads. You also receive a false nose with a 1/2″ / 12 mm bore for mounting the wheels onto your bench grinder etc . We also include a Buffing Rake – A handy tool for prepping buffing wheels to accept polishing compound. A Steel rake attached to a sturdy hardwood handle – removes dried compound and debris. Easy to use, just move across the wheel face while it’s running. .

• 1 x 150mm firm buffing pad 
• 1 x 150mm firm buffing pad used for stainless steel, iron and steel 
• 1 x 150mm medium buffing pad used for stainless steel, iron and steel 
• 3 x pots of polishing compound 
• 1 x Adaptor for Bench Grinder
1 x Buffing Rake





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