Using a Chronos Vertical Milling Slide on a – Harrison 11″ L5A Lathe

Below is a letter from one of our customers describing how he has succesfully mounted the Chronos Vertical Milling Slide and Vice to his Harrisson Lathe
I have been using the vertical milling attachment on my lathe and am very happy with it
To make the pin vice fit the attachment we made 4 small pin adaptors and drilled + tapped the milling table to suit M6 bolts , using the lathe to drill + tap the lower holes parallel with the cross slide, we noticed the first pin hole is not needed in our vice, it can still clamp down to  zero mm with the pin in the second hole
Then we used the milling attachment + pin vice to machine a new bronze cross slide nut for the lathe as there was a lot of backlash, we had no trouble milling a bronze bar down to size with a fly cutter I also bought from you, back lash is down to .003″ now, it was .020″ before!
We also tried holding a carbide cutter in the pin vice and it worked really well, setting the cutter height is very easy, handy when you want to do a bit of milling and turning in one operation without removing the milling attachment
I think you would sell of a lot more of these milling attachments if you sold them with the pin vice I ordered as I think it is a great combination, the vice clamps work pieces down very well and the jaw size is just about perfect
Just thought I would let you know how it worked out, we will be using it until I get a bridgeport later this year, even then I think I will use it for small jobs as it is quite handy
I attached some random pictures of the lathe + vertical milling slide