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Laser Model Engineers BA Spanner & Socket Set 17pc (Ref: 7132)

BA spanner and socket set the set. 11 17pc

Additional Information
BA Socket and Spanner set
6 x Mini Double open ended spanners 0BA x 2BA, 1BA x 3BA, 4BA x 6BA, 5BA x 7BA, 8BA x 10BA, 9BA x 11BA
11 x 1/4″D BA Sockets: OBA, 1BA, 2BA, 3BA, 4BA, 5BA, 6BA, 7BA, 8BA, 9BA, 10BA

Sealey Drill Bit Sharpener Grinding Attachment (Ref: SMS01)

Ideal for use with any standard bench grinder, the grinding attachment provides quick and precise sharpening of 3-19mm (1/8-3/4″) HSS twist drill bits with a 75mm minimum length.
Features an angle gauge with pre-sets at 41° (Countersink), 49°, 59°, 68° and 88°.
Also features a rotating neck which aids grinding both sides of the drill bit.
Perfect for use in any workshop or garage.

SCT Granite Surface Plates from Chronos

Grade ’00’ workshop granite plate
Good temperature stability
Resistant to corrosion
Distortion free
Excellent surface for accurate marking out

Clamp Type Knurling Tool for Mini Lathes ! New from Chronos

12mm Clamp Type Knurling Tool

This 12mm Clamp Type Knurling Tool fits any 12mm lathe tool post and is positioned so the knurling clamp above and below the centre of the work- Much better than pushing against the work !

The self-centring mechanism for a nice even finish

Knurling Wheel Diameter: 26mm.
Maximum Knurling Diameter: 25mm.
Fitted with Medium Diamond Pattern Knurls

ALSGS Power Feed Attachment For Milling Machines X Axis 240 V From Chronos

These power table feeders are easily fitted to many of today’s popular milling machines especiall y Bridgeports etc .
Both left and right directional feed are possible and the units incorporate an overload cut out and reset control. The limit switches are fully adjustable to control the feed travel. .

Hydraulic Power Milling Machine Vices With Swivel Base

Hydraulic machine vices with swivel base


· Solid structure for milling, drilling and grinding
· Vice body made of high quality casting which resists deflection or bending
· Hardened and ground guide surfaces
· Hardened and ground clamping jaws,
· Booster system, little effort, high pressing power when clamping
· Protected spindle which magnifies a small force into an enormous clamping force
· Large clamping range due to locking bolts with different hole spacings
· With swivel base, 360° turnable

Dasqua Pin Gauge Set 91 pcs 1 – 10 mm x 0.1 mm From Chronos


• Idea for checking hole size, location, gage slots, distance between holes,
• go & no-go gaging, setting other gages and micrometers.
• Strictly made in accordance with DIN2269
• High quality steel,hardened and tempered.
• Each gauge has been inspected.
• Packed in fitted case.
Each Gauge also individually packaged

6211-4205 91 pcs 1-10mm with 0.1mm step

Model Engineering Supplies from Chronos Ltd

Chronos sell engineering tools & model engineering supplies around the world via a speedy mail order service. 20,000+ engineering and woodworking products. We feature Myford Lathe compatible accessories, Clarke lathes, Unimat lathe accessories, milling machines and Vertex rotary tables and machine tool accessories. You can use our online Engineering Chat facility if you need any help, or call 01582 471900 or email – . DELIVERY IS FREE to most UK mainland addresses

Angelo Digital Angle Finder / Spirit Level (Ref: 30321001) From Chronos

Easy to measure all kinds of angle and draw lines.
Conversion between absolute measurement and relative measurement.
Display always reads upright,no matter which way it is turned.
Easy calibration and Zero setting.
Analogue quadrant showing for easy reading.
High accuracy vial for measuring horizontal level easily.
Lock the moving blade at any angle.

Dasqua Digital Angle Gauge with Flip Out Display (Ref: 84000000)

With flip-out tilting display.
•Ultra-precise magnetic gauge sets the angle of saw blades,jointer fences,bandsaw tables and drill press tables.
•Measures both absolute level and relative bevel with reading that are always visible.
•V-groove in base for round objects like pipe and drill bits.
Range: +/- 180 degrees
Reading: 0.1 degrees
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 degrees
Repeatability : +/- 0.1 degrees
Size: 2.2″ x 2.3″ x 1.3″

Dasqua Telescopic Bore Gauge Set 8-150 mm Long Reach (Ref: 5911001) From Chronos

TELESCOPING GAUGE SET New from Dasqua- Guaranteed for Life ! LONG REACH 12 “ • Great tool for easy and accurate measurements the true sizes of holes, slots. • Satin chrome finished. • Rigid handle with self-centering feature. • Constant spring tension for uniform feel. • Contact plunger automatically self-center at all times and in …

Dasqua Telescopic Bore Gauge Set 8-150 mm Long Reach (Ref: 5911001) From Chronos Read More »

Dasqua Metric Dial Test Indicator with Twice the Range ! (Ref: 52211115) From Chronos

NEW FROM THE DASQUA RANGE OF PREMIUM MEASURING TOOLS TEST INDICATOR WITH TWICE RANGE The only one with twice range in industry • Easy-to-read tilted dial. • With Extra contact point 0.04″&0.12″. • High precision contact point. • 210°Swivel arc. • Jeweled bearing. • revolution counter. • Automatic reversal Measuring Range – 1.6 mm Reading …

Dasqua Metric Dial Test Indicator with Twice the Range ! (Ref: 52211115) From Chronos Read More »

PP-U3 Cutter & Tool Grinder From Chronos

1. Used for grinding of HSS and carbide engraving/carving cutters with single and multiple flutes in various shapes.
2. With accessories provided the cutter grinder can be set up to grind end mills, drill bits and turning tools.
3. Grinding wheel size 100 X 50 X 20mm
4. Halogen Light 12V
5. Includes 5C Collets 4 – 6 – 8 -10 & 12 mm – Others available

Proxxon 3 Piece Tungsten Milling Cutter Set- SPECIAL OFFER !! (Ref: 27116X)

These double flute cutters are made of solid tungsten, clockwise cutting. The fishtail profile ensures cutting to the centre, allowing boring too. Usable on cast iron, hardened cast iron, steel, cast steel, brass, aluminium, and even glass, plastics and carbon fibre. One each of shaft dia. 1.0 – 2.0 and 3.0 mm. Supplied in a wooden box with sliding lid.

Proxxon Dividing Head for MF70 & TBM220 474592 – SPECIAL OFFER (Ref: 24264X)

This Dividing Head can be used to drill off-set holes and to mill off-set slots, rectangles, hex shapes, etc. A scale on the housing enables high accuracy divisions. It includes a chuck with reversible jaws, which is able to clamp 1.5 – 32mm internally and 12 – 65mm externally. The 11mm bore allows the passage of longer workpieces when it is used in the horizontal position. It features fixing holes for horizontal & vertical assembly. Suitable for use with the Proxxon MICRO Miller MF 70 and Compound Table KT 70. Size 72 x 64 x 38mm, supplied in wooden box with sliding lid.

Proxxon MF 70 Milling Machine 371104- SPECIAL OFFER ! (Ref: 27110X)

This is a super little machine, well suited to modelling work and for the manufacture of small precision components in a variety of materials. The extruded aluminium compound table has low backlash leadscrews and adjustable gib plates for smooth, accurate movement. Supplied complete with a set of six collets of 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm diameter and a work clamping kit. An optional set of solid carbide cutters is available, sizes 1.0mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm.

Metal Turning on the Lathe – David Clark: a New Book from Chronos

Metal Turning on the Lathe by David A. Clark  (Ref: CRO200) Just in at WWW.CHRONOS.LTD.UKSBN: 9781847975232 PUBLISHED: 26/09/2013 PAGES: 112 BINDING: Hardback PPC SIZE: 260×215 mm INSIDE: 239 colour illustrations The lathe is an essential tool for all but the most basic of workshops. It enables the engineer to produce turned components to a high …

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CNC Milling in the Workshop by Marcus Bowman – Book from Chronos

CNC Milling in the Workshop Hardback  (Ref: CRO10) A practical approach to using the CNC mill, aimed at everyone with a workshop, particularly modelmakers and horologists. CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines are now available to even the smallest of workshops, allowing designers to be more ambitious and machinists to be more confident of the production of parts, greatly …

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Spiral Drill Sharpener  (Ref: 51152005) NEW – JUST ARRIVED  ! Gives blunt drill bits a razor sharp cutting edge. Suitable for sharpening HSSdrill bits 9/64 – 25/64 (3.5-10mm). Quick and easy to use. Sharpener fits to all drills with a 43mm dia collar and a ½ drill chuck fitted Built-in drill bit guide ensures sharpening at correct angle Supplied with replacement grinding stone CLICK HERE TO ORDER   

1/6 th Scale British Jeeps – Built by Nigel Somerville Using Chronos Materials in Aid of Help the Heroes

Hi, just to say a few words, as to the whys and reasons for me making the 1/6 scale jeep parts. The whole world of 1/6 scale from jeeps to tanks, tend to cater for the big demand areas, leaving a small yet historic gap, in the 1/6 world. There are thousands of, as issued …

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