3 Piece Carbide Indexable Woodturning Tool Set- SORRY OUT OF STOCK


With this new set of Replaceable Carbide Tipped Chisels – there is no need to resharpen !
Eliminate the hassle and downtime of resharpening.when the tool dulls, simply rotate the insert for a fresh, clean cutting edge. The carbide insert will stay sharper longer compared to standard H.S.S turning tools as well, it can be replaced once all available edges have grown dull (extra carbide insert are sold separately).
Tools are CNC machined to accept the exact carbide cutter that comes installed on it.
Carbide inserts are interchangeable between the different tools
Each set includes three tools with different cutting profile inserts: round, square and diamond-shaped. Total length of Turning Tools is 425mm(16-3/4)”. Wooden handles are 254mm (10″) long from the butt of the handle to the top of the steel ferrule.
Diamond Shaped Carbide Turning Tool is ideal for use as a parting tool, and for tight profiles.
Square Carbide Turning Tool is ideal for flat or convex areas on spindles and pen turnings.
Round Carbide Turning Tool is ideal for producing a smooth finish on curved, concave surfaces and for general turning applications.

Shafts are Square
Supplied in a nice Wooden Box

Out of stock

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