Airbrush Pro series BD-133 with suction feed and advanced double action for extra control push down for air and pull back for paint. Ridged trigger button grips under your finger for greater comfort and better control. Designed for ease and built for outstanding quality. Made with high quality precision components that enable this airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control. Multi-Purpose usage, as it works well with most paint media and applications. Suction feed is when the paint container usually a glass jar is positioned under the airbrush rather than a cup on top. With this method of feed the paint is drawn up from a reservoir below the body of the airbrush This airbrush type typically holds a larger capacity of paint and is more suited for larger areas. Detachable glass paint jars are ideal when using several colours for speed and ease of use. These are usually called bottom, suction or side feed.
The BD-133 is a superb airbrush and will work to a pencil line with outstanding results. This new airbrush not only sets new standards in design, it also offers intelligent functions and ergonomic excellence. Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain airbrush. The BD-133 airbrush was drawn on a long history of technological experience, and has an established a reputation for incorporating the highest of quality materials. The comfortable feel from this airbrush enables easy use in everyday spraying environments. The airbrush is designed to allow the spray pattern to be changed from a pencil line to a broader pass. From airbrushing models to spraying t shirts the BD-133 will be ready for the toughest job. Remember if you want your airbrush to perform at it’s best you must clean it after each use. Acrylic Colours are very common in airbrushing and many companies make these specially for airbrushing. Different airbrushing techniques from basic to advanced is what makes this model very popular. Minimal spare parts to stock, easy maintenance and cleaning. A great all round airbrush at a unbeatable price. This airbrush will work well with the following paints & inks,
Water colours
Acrylic Paint
Temporary tattoo ink
Enamel Paint / Thinned down
Spray tanning solution
Oil Paints / Thinned down
Sign Paint / Thinned down
Golden Airbrush colours
Createx Paint
Autoair Paint
Body length 150mm, Nozzle dia 0.3mm, Working pressure 15-50 psi, 1 x Bottle 22cc, Air input 1/8 bsp

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