Using a Chronos 10 mm Slot Drill with a Vertex ER16 Collet Chuck

Using a Chronos Slot Drill and a Chronos ER16 2 Morse Taper Milling Chuck.
This is a review of using a Chronos 10mm 2 flute Hss Slot Drill in a Chronos Vertex 2 Morse Taper Collet chuck. The Milling Machine is a CNC’D SPG2217 – 20LV

This Video clip show a 10 mm 2 Fluts HSS Chronos slot drill taking a 2 mm DOC at 200 mm / minute. Depth of cut could be increased but this was a trial run


Chronos offer a wide range of slot drills and endmills and the Vertex Collet Systems are available in many shanks and size configurations